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My name is Aurora. Since 2011, I worked as a therapist in my practice at Honolulu, after completing the degree for Integrative Psychotherapy in Amsterdam. For this reason, I have been working with social psychiatry (part of the mental health care) since 1995. As a home counselor and later as a team leader.

In order to stay involved in and inspired by the field of work, I sometimes do a job in an ortho-psychiatric clinic for young people, and I provide guest classes at colleges at the graduate level of Social Pedagogical Assistance.

My passion is to cooperate with people so that they can achieve personal growth. I like to support this process so that you can (re) discover and develop your own strengths. During my education, as well as in contact with clients, I have experienced that what you think, your feelings, your actions and your physical condition affect the occurrence of complaints; In addition, they also play parts in processing those complaints.

Basically, these personal factors provide the opportunity to grow and self-realization.

What drives me to do this is to help people develop their inner strengths so that they can shape their life in their own way. It is always a special experience, how acceptance of all sides of you leads to feelings of unification.

I love to help people, and that’s why I love my job. I want to be useful in this world. It’s the reason why I want to share everything I know to other people.